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March 2021

In your world, logistics has the potential to make a greater difference than anywhere else. In the highly specialised world of medical logistics, the difference we make positively affects the patient, the surgeon, the hospital and above all our client’s reputation.

We have been providing this specialist service to our clients since 1999, working as a partner to help improve the service they provide to hospitals whilst also delivering greater efficiencies in their supply chain and ongoing savings in their operational costs. What our clients have repeatedly told us throughout our working partnership, is that what we really deliver for them is peace of mind.

When our client’s customers have placed orders, they can book all their outbound deliveries quickly and easily using our online portal. Following surgery our office team of medical service specialists liaise with hospitals on their behalf and confirm each individual collection.

This unique approach allows their team to focus on other priorities by freeing up more of their time. Our team and systems create unique routes for all collections and deliveries, optimised to incorporate and adapt to factors such as weather forecasts and road conditions. We approach each day with confidence because our service model has been specifically developed to avoid the often risky hub-and-spoke system used by conventional carries. All of the information which is gathered by our office team is then passed to our Fleet of Hospital Logistics Specialists, who work exclusively on medical logistics and are so much more than just drivers.

We have a strong reputation with all hospitals and have developed highly trusted relationships with them over many years. Each morning our team download and review the specific route for that day on to their Dynamic handheld device. They are then dispatched throughout the UK with unique runs that ensure we meet the collection and delivery windows previously confirmed with the hospitals.

Our fleet of same day drivers work in two key ways. Firstly, to fulfil urgent same-day deliveries and secondly, they provide additional support and capacity for our Hospital Logistics Specialists.

All of our driver team are proud to wear the dynamic uniform and carry an ID badge. We insist on these standards because our team frequently enter controlled medical environments, and they understand that they also carry the client’s reputation whenever we visit a hospital.

Our Hospital Logistics Specialists use their experience to anticipate potential delays and issues on the ground and adapt their plans accordingly to ensure safe collection for delivery.

It is this full circle approach, with our specialist focus on our client’s world, which makes us Dynamic.

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