Customer service isn’t a department – it’s our entire business.

November 2020

We all know that it feels nice to leave a review or send a thank you note when we’ve received good service. It’s also a lovely feeling being on the receiving end. At Dynamic, feedback from customers doesn’t just put smiles on our faces – it drives us.

During November we’ve been highlighting some customer feedback and case studies, and sharing why they’re important to us. In fact, who better to sum up what it means to us than our Managing Director, Andrew, and General Manager, Michael…

There you have it: it was the reason we started the business, and what continues to spur us on to positively affect the UK’s healthcare system. But of course there are other reasons that customer feedback is so valuable – morale! From admin to drivers, each and every one of the Dynamic team are motivated by hearing their work is valued and appreciated.

This month we asked Stephen to take some selfies with happy customers and my goodness did he deliver! We love that you can recognise the smiles even beneath the masks.

Building a great relationship with your customer really encourages you to go above and beyond when it’s necessary. Take Dave for example… Dynamic driver Dave was on his way to Wales to deliver medical equipment when he was informed that it was urgently needed back where he picked it up from. A Dynamic team member would never let a valued customer down, and this was no exception. Dave altered his route and returned the equipment, meaning that a successful surgery could go ahead. If you’re a fan of bad puns, you could say that he literally went the extra mile!

Whether it’s our oldest customer or an urgent enquiry from someone new, we are ready to go and can guarantee that our specialist service will be worthy of five stars.

Now, we’ve been going on about customer feedback for a while and not shown you any… well here you are! The quotes below are some of our favourites from recent times, and we can’t thank the people enough for giving us the motivation to continue to provide exceptional service.

“The Dynamic team are so helpful. They do their best to solve any problem I have and always update me if there are any queries from the hospital. Shaheen, Nazia, Margaret, Graham, Craig – all the staff are amazing. Michele is always so kind and helpful too!”

“I would rate Dynamic as the best logistics company I have used in my 30 years working. If you want something to get to the destination on time, every time, use Dynamic.”

“We have used Dynamic for our courier requirements for over 5 years and have always been very impressed by their service and the friendliness of their staff, which is unusual in this day and age. I would recommend Dynamic to anyone.”

So, come rain or shine, we deliver as promised. Why? Simple – because our customers mean a lot to us, and what we do means a lot to them.

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