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Four Things To Consider Before Choosing A Logistics Partner

September 2022

Trusting your products with a courier is a big deal – not only because you want to make sure they’re safe in transit, but because at the end of the journey your business is being represented.

You’ll find that a good logistics partner isn’t a different entity, it’s an extension of your service. This is never more important than it is in the medical sector. Every day, innovative and expensive kits arrive at hospitals to change, and often save, patients’ lives. Because of this, there are certain points to cover before you choose the people fit to deliver for you.


Good communication is something that’s been historically lacking in the logistics industry. There’s nothing more frustrating than searching for updates on a delivery, not to find any. When we started Dynamic, we wanted to change that. Not only because customers deserve a better service, but because in the world of medical logistics, a lack of communication can have serious repercussions. All of our drivers have tech that can provide live locations, and they’re in constant contact with our office team who are available to speak to customers on the phone. If a phone call is no good, our online portal allows the customers to check the status of their delivery/collection and access any notes.


It’s so important for a company to have core values. These, whatever they may be, should guide the business and its team day-to-day, inform decisions and shine through the work carried out. We’re very clear on our values – they are to be professional, caring, honest, positive and, well, dynamic! Professionalism needs no explanation – our team are experts in their field and understand the level of service the medical sector requires. To be caring for us means that we’re always aware of the patient at the end of the journey who’s benefitting. Honesty is the best policy, always, and we’re no different. Should there be an unexpected delay, the customer will be the first to know. Positivity shines through everything we do, and helps us play our part in relieving the pressure in a an often stressful sector. And, finally, Dynamism – that means adapting to situations as they arise, and we do that day in, day out.


It’s vital for your logistics partner to work with you to understand your services and products. When couriers are delivering items, particularly in medical logistics, important questions come up. What type of medical kit is it?  What department in a hospital is it likely to be located? Does this product require sterilisation? Who are the important contacts at the hospital to help us locate these kits? The Dynamic Team have the specialist knowledge to answer all of these questions. We make a point of visiting customers and researching what they do. It allows us to be prepared for any situation that comes our way.


Finally, does your potential logistics partner have experience in your sector? This is key for your deliveries and collections to hit the ground running. For example, Dynamic have dedicated 23 years to the working within the UK healthcare system. That experience allows us to enter hospitals and medical settings confidently, handle equipment safely and, ultimately, provide a service that’s tailored to the businesses, hospitals and patients.

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Dynamic Driver John Beside Van

Four Things To Consider Before Choosing A Logistics Partner

Traditional vs Specialist – three reasons you will benefit from a more focused logistics partner

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