Going above and beyond for the NHS

February 2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people have reflected on the NHS and found a new appreciation for the key workers that make it what it is. As a nation, we clapped on our doorsteps to show respect for them. We began to regard them as heroes among us – and rightly so. At Dynamic, we’ve been lucky enough to witness this first hand for years now, but the coronavirus crisis has strengthened our desire to go above and beyond for the institution that we all rely on for so much. So, how do we do it?

We extremely proud to serve over 500 hospitals in the UK, and prouder still to provide the same high level of service and respect to each one. We do this by treating every client, hospital and delivery as not just a task on a list, but as an opportunity to positively impact the people involved.

The end result of our job is a surgery going ahead on time. Since our inception, considering these patients and their comfort has been paramount to how we carry out our duties. So with this in mind, we’re in contact with the hospital from the off to confirm timeframes and when they can expect the delivery. Not only that, but our office team are available to update staff should anything unexpected arise when the driver is on the way.

It’s important to remember as well that we’re representing our clients when we enter a hospital. This means that it’s not only our reputation on the line, but theirs as well. That in itself is enough of an incentive for us to leave a lasting impression that the hospital staff will appreciate.

Dynamic is far from a faceless company. Our drivers have relationships with each premises they deliver to, and this allows them to get to know the people and surroundings to ensure an efficient service. You’ll know a Dynamic driver when you see one, and the feedback directly from hospitals is that our team being uniformed and correctly prepared is a huge help to them. During the pandemic they have had extra safety equipment including masks and hand sanitiser, of course.

Something else that we’ve had to be aware of during the pandemic is the potential of disruption or delay. It’s no secret that the NHS has been pushed to its limits to care for patients who have been badly affected by the virus. For us, this means that a general sense of stress and urgency when we arrive in clinical environments isn’t uncommon. As with everything else, we can only do what’s in our control. Over the course of the last year that has included helping staff move things to clear a path for the delivery. We always respect the time and the emotions of the staff that we’re dealing with, making it a top priority to not make their job harder or to add any unnecessary pressure. Our drivers are famous for lightening the mood with a joke or two, but are equally as serious when required to be. There have been occasions where we’ve dedicated more time to a particular hospital just in case our help is required. At the very least, we’re pleasant, efficient and caring. Sometimes a simple smile goes a long way with key workers who are dealing with prolonged, busy shifts. Of course facial expressions are harder to see nowadays beneath the masks, so we’ve been practicing smiling with our eyes!

We know that no situation is the same as another, and however simple something may seem, one hundred things can arise to change the circumstances. This has been especially true over the last year. So we adapt and make sure that we’re making the lives of our NHS heroes easier even if that means doing something outside of our usual duties. After all, we’re dynamic by name and dynamic by nature.

This small gesture in the grand scheme of things is our way of saying thank you.


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