Stryker and 3D Systems announce partnership in virtual surgery innovation

January 2018

This month, an exciting development was announced by medical technology world leaders Stryker in partnership with 3D Systems, which stands to revolutionise craniomaxillofacial surgery for patients across the world. 3D Systems pioneered 3D printing techniques and now provide 3D products and services, as well as digital design tools. This innovative expertise has allowed them to lead the way in personalised surgery options, having developed Virtual Surgery Planning (VSP) as a way to plan bespoke, patient-specific surgical techniques.

On January 17th, the two companies announced a joint launch of an exciting new phase in surgical treatment that employs 3D imaging and design as well as surgical simulation to assist craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgeons in providing personalised surgery plans for patients. The process of preparing for surgery makes use of the latest technological advances by allowing surgeons to virtually liaise with a 3D Systems biomedical engineer to share clinical knowledge, and create a surgery guide that’s specific to the patient’s individual medical needs.

This action plan can then be tested in a simulated surgical procedure before being digitally transferred to theatre with patient-specific guides and templates to assist the surgeon. This is likely to increase surgical success, improve recovery for patients and decrease theatre time for surgeons and patients alike.

Over the last 30 years, 3D Systems’ expertise has made waves in all kinds of industries including automotives, dentistry and entertainment – but it’s really exciting and inspiring to take a look at how 3D technology can be used in the healthcare industry. 3D Systems boast many case studies demonstrating their ability to provide innovative and personalised medical intervention for patients affected with a whole range of disorders – from fibrous dysplasia to paralysis. They also recently provided groundbreaking anatomical VSP services in the high-profile case of formerly conjoined twins, Jadon and Anias McDonald.

Kevin McAlea, 3D Systems’ executive vice president, says: “Collaborating with surgeons to deliver the best possible patient outcomes is of the utmost importance to our company. With the advancement of 3D printing, combined with the surgeon’s ability to use our Virtual Surgical Planning and anatomical modeling technologies, a patient’s life can be forever changed. It provides surgeons with the ability to have a clear 3D visualization of a patient’s anatomy and to develop a customized surgical plan prior to even entering the operating room.”

Fortune 500 company Stryker offers innovative products and services across all areas of orthopaedics, spine and neurotechnology that help improve patient and hospital outcomes. They have long been dedicated to offering the best possible care to patients as well as heading up medical innovation. “This partnership allows us to better support the rapidly evolving needs of our customers and accelerate innovation in the area of personalized medicine,” says David Mercado, vice president and general manager at Stryker.

What better evidence of what can really be achieved when companies put their heads together to really consider the best way to benefit patients? “We have a history of achieving positive patient outcomes working with Stryker,” said Katie Weimer, vice president of medical devices at 3D Systems. “I am so proud to partner with a world leader in medical technologies to deliver our innovative solutions – helping surgeons change the lives of their patients.” This is sure to be the beginning of a really exciting chapter in VSP technology, and here at Dynamic Medical we look forward to seeing what further developments will come out of this innovative partnership.

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