Traditional vs Specialist – three reasons you will benefit from a more focused logistics partner

August 2022

The transportation of goods is something that, as a society, we rely on.

Whether it’s a last minute outfit for a night out or a weekly shop when you can’t leave the house, we’ve all found ourselves waiting on a delivery. Transporting, storing and delivering goods between parties is one of the backbones of the modern world. In fact, Statista estimates that by 2024 the logistics industry is projected to exceed 6.8 billion euros in size.

The benefit of efficient and structured logistics is never clearer than within the medical industry. At Dynamic, we’re tasked with the delivering and collecting of medical kits that ultimately end up in surgery to change, and often save, a patient’s life. Since our company was founded, we have remained solely focused on this industry and this industry alone. Why? We believe that our customers, hospitals, and patients deserve a service that is tailored to them. Here’s a few ways that we provide that.

1. We know the industry.

Many of our 23 years have been dedicated to gaining knowledge on the importance of what we’re delivering. When a customer sends a medical kit with us, our team know what the product is, and why it needs to get where it’s going on time. Having delivered to over 400 hospitals in the UK, we spend time getting to know the staff and what we can do to make the process as simple as possible. For example, all our drivers are uniformed and adhere to the latest PPE requirements. When they arrive at a hospital, their ID badge is on display and they’ve been briefed about where to go and who to deal with. There are many hospital team members throughout the country who could tell you their favourite Dynamic driver!

2. We have bespoke systems.

Our office team are well-equipped, too. We’ve never been afraid of adapting with the times, and take advantage of any new tech that can make our process smoother. Something that’s constantly highlighted with traditional couriers is the lack of communication, and from the off we were determined to stand out from the crowd. It’s for that reason that our team are always on the end of the phone to provide information to both customers and hospitals. The world of healthcare doesn’t always allow the time for a chat though, so if a phone call isn’t the answer then our tailored online portals provide every bit of information that might be required at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen.

3. We understand what it means to those involved.

Lastly, we have accountability. We know how much time and effort our customers put in to manufacturing their world-leading medical devices – we’ve even been to some of the factories to make sure we never forget. On top of that, we’re well aware of the countless hours that hospital staff put in to improve their patients’ wellbeing. Our drivers know that giving that little bit of extra effort might just save them some time that can be well used elsewhere. Finally, we know what it means to the patients to have a surgery go ahead as planned with all of the equipment required. That, at the end of the day, is why we’re dedicated to the medical industry and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Are you looking for a medical logistics partner? Get in touch with Kelly today to find out everything we can offer.

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Traditional vs Specialist – three reasons you will benefit from a more focused logistics partner

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