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November 2021

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of communication from a logistics company? We all have stories about waiting patiently for a delivery only to be let down without notice. Sadly, this is what a lot of people have come to expect from traditional deliveries. We work in the medical logistics industry, however, and the consequences of a lack of communication can ultimately end up effecting a patient’s wellbeing. Here’s how we make sure that doesn’t happen…

As well as having a team of specialists at the end of the phone, we’ve introduced the Dynamic portal for our customers. What is it? A secure, web-based hub of information accessible from any device with personal logins and passwords. Our customers create and manufacture some of the most innovative and life-changing medical equipment and devices in the world – and businesses like that don’t always have time to pick up the phone for a catch up!

So, to save time, they can easily log in to their Dynamic portal. Once that’s done, they’ll be on a simple home screen and be able to click straight through to Bookings. The Bookings page can be toggled to show collections, deliveries, or both. The list can then be ordered in various ways, including date, status or location.

The portal updates in real time, so as soon a Dynamic Driver has picked up the kit, you’ll know. When it arrives at the hospital, you’ll see the exact time that it did and the name of the person who signed for it. Should there be any errors, that information is available too. Every order has a reference number as well, so should you need to give us a call with any questions, the information is accessed quickly and efficiently.

We’re customer-focused at Dynamic, and we love nothing more than catching up with the lovely people we work with, keeping up to date with their latest tech and just getting the opportunity to say hello. This will never change, but the introduction of the Dynamic Portal just gives that extra peace of mind that the information can be accessed quickly and round the clock.

It’s obvious that we’re proud of this – but what really matters is what our customers think… Thankfully, they love it. The feedback we’ve had since launch is that it’s quick, easy and the real-time updates can be so useful.

To be dynamic is to be characterised by constant change, activity, or progress. We live up to our name by using tech and innovation to our advantage, all the while keeping the same high level of customer service that we were built upon.

Fancy getting a look around the Dynamic Portal? Kelly would be happy to show you around and tell you why we’re the ideal logistics partner for your company.


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