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October 2020

Every bike, car, van and truck you pass on the road has a specific journey that matters to someone. If you ever happen to pass a Dynamic van, it’s most likely on its way to a hospital with vital equipment to help care for those who need it. Just as valuable as the equipment are the people doing the driving…

Our drivers at Dynamic are the backbone of the company. Actually, they’re the face as well… and the legs. You get it – they’re important. So important that they really do deserve some recognition… even if most of them get a bit shy!

Transporting vital medical equipment to hospitals throughout the UK is an important, and often stressful, role. This makes us even more in awe of the Dynamic drivers, because they always do it with a smile and a helping hand. We asked Chris, who has been with us for a year, what his job means to him.

“It’s the happiest I’ve been in years, and the happiest my wife has been – happy wife, happy life! At first you can feel the pressure of going into hospitals and that the staff are under. Sometimes all you can offer is a smile, but I try to be as useful as possible – I’ve spent time helping pack kits and moving equipment to clear the way for staff. It’s so important that we do everything we can during this pandemic to make their jobs that bit easier.”

Yes, the pandemic has a tight grip on many industries, and the strain on the NHS has never been far from anybody’s thoughts. As the nation stood on their doorsteps and applauded the frontline heroes, we were honoured to be able to see up close the incredible work taking place in hospitals during the biggest health challenge of our generation. Sometimes, we were even able to help…

“It’s been hard working throughout the pandemic but I know that what I do is really important and I wouldn’t dream of letting down the customers and the hospitals during this difficult time for them. I worked late one night to help a customer move premises during lockdown. It was the least I could do.”

And it’s not just Dai who’s been going over and above to help. Peter stops at the same service station on his route, and always buys a box of these gingerbread men with profits going to NHS heroes. Not only that, but Peter drops off the treats to the hospital staff he’s delivering to. How sweet is that?

And what do our suppliers and hospital staff all over the country think? Well, they’re just as complimentary as us. We get incredible feedback that all paints a picture of a team of people doing everything they can to make life easier for others, and doing it with a smile every time.

“The drivers are so friendly. They greet me using my name, which is amazing considering the length and breadth of their rounds.”

Being polite and friendly is one thing, but something we haven’t mentioned yet is the efficiency. Well, keeping it short and sweet, Dermot from JRI Orthopaedics confirms it:

“I can be sure they’ll deliver exactly what I give them on time.”

There you have it. We may be biased, but don’t you agree that they deserve a pat on the back or two?

They say that straight roads don’t make skillful drivers. We know this to be true, because the tough circumstances, challenges and responsibility our team on the road face have made them some of the kindest, most dependable and dynamic people we know.

So yes, this is to raise awareness of our drivers and tell you how dedicated they are, but it’s also a chance for us to say thank you…

Dear Dynamic Drivers, the rest of the team – from admin to marketing to management – appreciate everything you’re doing and the way you’re doing it.

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